We have a saying in our family that follows anyone’s delivery of bad news, “Well, at least you have your health!”  Hardly original but certainly a constant, it is usually said by people you love who you know care about you very deeply. Thus, the knee-jerk reaction to snap at this person about how little that helps is suppressed. However, like chicken soup containing specific ingredients which truly do help the body heal, the homespun wisdom behind this adage may have actual merit.  Taken esoterically, or idealistically… you know I have no idea what I am these days, so let’s just take it as you will…health consists of far more than just feeling good.

Webster’s defines health as “the condition of being sound in body, mind or spirit.”  So, to have your health, is to have clarity and strength. Maybe you don’t have an answer, but if you have your health, you possess the tools to find the answer, fix the problem or what have you. Score one for mom’s advice and I’m sorry I have disregarded it for thirty years – yes, I am older, but I did not have real problems for the first few years. Okay, but how does one regain their health when the fit has hit the shan.

Well, the Guardian has provided both a possible solution and validation of my life choice with the following article: Arts can help recovery from illness and keep people well. In the article, General Practitioners in the UK as well as former arts Ministers Ed Vaizey and Lord Alan Howarth have concluded during an all-party inquiry that the arts can keep people well, aid recovery, increase longevity, even save on health care bills. Consider what one of these Lords had to say about it:

“The arts can help people take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing in ways that will be crucial to the health of the nation.” – Lord Alan Howarth

Upset about something political; sing two bars of Hamilton as needed for pain.
Can’t sleep; drum it out – see Strokestra

Feel like you’re going crazy; give the voices in your head dialects or strong character choices

Maybe keeping the NEA could help out with healthcare…

Food for thought but that’s enough to dine on. Anyways, I have to wait for a tow truck so that I can dump more money into a car that just can’t get enough.  Better get my health on; I think I’ll sing “Just Can’t Get Enough” by Depeche Mode in honor of my car. It will have the added bonus of encouraging the tow truck driver’s rate of speed. Or, in a perfect world, he will join me in song and we will both be all the healthier for it!